Procedure to Enter

If you believe that you have the talent and skill that is required to entertain the audience, participate in our events like the circus, music concerts, magic shows, stand-up comedy. Participating in the events organised by Monto Show Society is not at all difficult. If you or your group want to take part in our shows and events, all you need to do is upload the video of your any previous shows. You can also upload something that you want to perform. You should also mention how much duration you will need. Apart from uploading your video, you also need to visit our website and fill a submission form. You will have to provide some basic information such as you’re your name and age, location, a bio, social media handles, and link the video.

All the participants can apply for whichever event they want, but the person or the group selected to perform in the circus or any exciting event, the individual or the group won’t be able to apply for at least two months for the same event. If someone is suspected of attempting to join the contest within in this period using robotic, automatic, programmed or any other methods which are not permitted by the rules, it will be considered as spam and participant/group will be blacklisted. With the submission of the form and video, you assure you have all the rights and acceptance required for your content. For kid’s events, the minors will require the consent of the parents.

What Is Not Allowed in Our Events?

No matter which act you are performing, the following things are strictly prohibited in all our events.

Vulgarity, Obscenity or sexually explicit content

Cannot use any sort of illegal material

Any speech or act that involves hate for any particular race, gender, religion and profession.

Any kind of harassment or threats.

We have a team of professionals that analyse all these things. So if they find any speech or act that is not suitable for the audience, the individual or group will be immediately disqualified from the event. Also, the participants should remember that they cannot perform more than the duration our professionals will assign. You need to make the modification you’re your performances, so it gets completed in that specific time. The participants need to maintain quality throughout the event.


All the events organised by Monto Show Society is open to all Australian who is 17 years and above. Minors are only allowed in the kid’s event and also for that, they will need the consent of their parents. Our main objective behind including fresh face for our events is the hunt of new talent. Therefore, we will give preference to those people who do not get a chance anywhere else. But that doesn’t mean that we will not check the quality. Our professionals will thoroughly check all the videos of the participants, and only then they will choose the artists. Also, we will not consider two members from a family to participate in any event unless they are part of a group.

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