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  • Witness the Best Music Concerts

    At Monto Show Society, we take pride in organising the best music concerts in various parts of the country. Whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Newcastle or any other place, every now and then, we bring something interesting for the music lovers in Australia. From the leading singers, rock stars and pop stars in the country to the international artist, everyone becomes part of our music shows. We also give a chance to the rising stars so that they can also get a chance to turn their fortune around. We get a lot of appreciation from all music lovers, particularly the youngsters. If you want to know about our upcoming and recent music shows, you can visit our events section.

  • What is Coming Up?

    People in Australia didn’t witness massive arena gig last year. However, things are improving, and with the arrival of 2021, the music lovers in the country can expect to witness full-scale concerts. Many artists and groups have tried their level best to entertain people through digital platforms, but now Monto Show Society is making efforts to organise grand events where people can enjoy their favourite genre of music and watch their music idols live on the stage. Our professionals are planning all-out music events very carefully so that everyone can enjoy the music without compromising the safety measures. For 2021, we have planned various music shows that will make a huge difference, and it will be in different cities of the country. Well, in Australia at least, the massive concerts are finally making a comeback. This year, we have organised more than 27 music concerts and shows so after quite years it will be a fantastic time for all the music lovers. In February and March, there will be some amazing music events in Sydney and other parts of New South Wales and Queensland. The April and May month will be a little busy for music lovers in Melbourne and other parts of Victoria and Western Australia. After that, there will be many more events in other parts of the country, including some shows, particularly for the kids.

  • Want To Be A Part Of Our Music Events?

    If you are an artist or have group, you can also participate in our specific events where we particularly, pay attention to the fresh faces. To know more about how to can participate in our events, visit the ‘enter the contest’ page. You will get thorough information about how to apply to participate in an event, how to upload the video and how to plan it. We have a team of professionals to examine all the videos of the people who want to participate. They analyse the video and personality of the artists and then decide whether they will be suitable for the event or not. This year we are expecting to have more than 6000 audiences for each event in each city. It will be a huge number and most likely to make these events a massive success like the previous ones. We have a massive team of professionals who have in-depth knowledge about hew music trend on the country and also management skills. Therefore, irrespective of the number of spectators, we always successfully manage the crowd without any chaos. Monto Show Society makes efforts to organise different types of events in different cities in the country and also provide all the information on the website. However, organising music events and circus are where our expertise lies. We have years of experience in organising such events and coordinating with all level of artists. Thus it becomes a lot easier for our professionals to manage things. The best thing about our music events is that you not only get the chance to experience the best music in the country from super talented artists but also the price of the ticket never goes high. So, the majority of people can enjoy it with their friends and family.

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